wondering what could have been

30 he made me realise

“We are small creatures.
Our lives are not long, but long
enough to learn.”*

“He made me realise that
Education was so important
to everyone, not just the
Intelligent, it’s as simple as that!”**

Creativity is for everyone.

Some hold that only some are creative, that it’s a nonsense to say everyone is, but people can be innovative in ways these people can’t begin to imagine.

Everyone deserves opportunities to imagine and bring something beautiful into the world.  Some discover this early on in life, others later (I count myself amongst the latter), but it would be the most terrible thing to leave this world without making an attempt.

This is about asking what creativity lies at the centre of our lives (ways of thinking, relating, and behaving/acting), the thing which makes us feel at one with the universe, and, if we have one, our god.

It’s from this place that we ask our best questions.  It’s as though questions, the kind of questions which lead us out from our creativity into more – a journey of open and difficult questions, with every one of us asking something different.

The saddest question in the world, then, would be, “What could have been if I’d taken that path?

(*Stephen Lawhead, quoted in the Northumbria Community‘s Morning Prayer for 30/4/16.)
(**From student Karl Kripps’s poem following Ben Zander’s visit to Kripps’s London school, quoted in Rosamund and Benjamin Zander’s The Art of Possibility.)

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