road trip

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‘You are created for more than just existing.’*

‘If you are content with being nobody in particular, content not to stand out, you align yourself with the power of the universe.’**

After twelve years working for General Motors, Sandi Wheaton was made redundant.  Connecting with her love of photography – something she had only pursued in her spare time – Wheaton took off on a road trip along Route 66, capturing 60,000 images by her journey’s conclusion.^

From childhood to adulthood, composer Gustav Mahler’s life was full of tragedy and difficulty, yet:

‘Mahler thought that he should put everything in life in his symphonies – so anything that can be imagined can be heard in them if you listen carefully enough.’^^

Two stories for navigating life, created by people who were not prepared to be victims of stories others write for them.  The stories make something more out of the things that fill our lives, and we’re all capable of creating them.

On the way, we meet people whose lives change us and for whom our lives bring change.

(*From Erwin McManus’s Uprising.)
(**From Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth.)
(^Sandi Wheaton’s story is told in Chris Guillebeau’s The Happiness of Pursuit.)
(^^From Rosamund and Benjamin Zander’s The Art of Possibility.)

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