stories for letting go and letting come (9)

28 your story

‘The journey to freedom is paved by the substance of our character.’*

Everything that is meant to prevail needs foundations.

A product has to pass many tests before going to market – the more complex the product, the more tests.  A story disappoints if a lack of research and plot structure becomes glaringly evident some fifty or sixty pages in.  A fantastically imaginative multi-storey building isn’t going to stand on the foundations of an average home.

And so it is with our lives.

The more we work on the foundations of our lives, the more our creative and innovative possibilities.  When we rush these, we limit and restrict our futures.

To live a courageous, generous, and wise life – and most of us like the idea of such a life – the greater will be the need for foundational work.  Unlike a building’s foundations, which have to be put in place before anything else happens, we’re able to add to the foundations of our lives every day.

There are many who struggle to “build” their lives as they want because of foundational problems: stumbling to accept who they are, unable to see what they have, failing to understand the power of habits and practices for affecting change.

‘The soul is always wiser than the mind, even though we are dependent on the mind to read the soul for us.’**

All of us are are more than our thinking, more than we think we are – better.  Edward Deci identified how people who perceive their environments to be autonomously supportive (supporting the decisions and choices we make), they grow and move:

‘They can elicit from the social context more and more support for their autonomy.  Their personality and social context are synergistic, and together they affect people’s experiences and actions.’^

This is an environment that is for you.  It is a place where, if our stories aren’t working for us, we can tell ourselves a better story.

(*From Erwin McManus’s Uprising.)
(**From John O’Donohue’s Eternal Echoes.)
(^From Edward Deci’s Why We Do What We Do.)

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