the beauty of meekness

7 everybody is interesting

As I watched the dawn this morning, the darkness didn’t just disappear, it disappeared before beauty: scarlet, salmon, light orange.

I had found myself reading the words of a prophet about doing justice, loving kindness, and walking humbly.  To the original hearers, these words will have meant small everyday actions in the market place, in their work, and in their families and friendships.

I found myself needing to explore meekness again.

Meek people see a world beyond boundaries and ethnicities, marked by kindom and commonwealth, a movement from polarities to resonance:

‘You start knowing through, with, and in somebody else. … Your little I Am becomes We Are.’*

We each bring something different.  Each having our particular curiosities and needs, finding we’re drawn to this and not to that, and, digging deep enough, we’ll find this leads to someone or something we can make some difference for.

When forged in a place of stricture and confinement – in which we hone our skills, identify with our values, and iterate possibilities – meekness creatively brings simple beauty into the world.

(*From Richard Rohr’s The Naked Now.)

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