crossroads of necessity

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If it were to produce a map for our lives which showed every path we had taken and every path we decided not to take, then, simply on the major decisions alone, it would be a mesmerising spider’s web of pathways.

We’re crossroads people.  Not only finding ourselves at crossroads and having to make decisions, but also being creators of  crossroads for ourselves and for others.

The latter are the crossroads of necessity – something akin to Harry Potter’s Room of Requirement.  When we’ve ventured down a road or path and find it to be the wrong one, we don’t have to retrace our steps but we can produce a crossroads which allows us to take a different direction.  Like hyperlinks, or blue moments, as my friend Alex names them, these crossroads make it possible for us to travel a different route.

‘Blue moments open windows of insight into what it means to be human, and they call upon us to do something to follow them.’*

There are a few realities to be aware of.

It isn’t possible to produce a crossroads of necessity to somewhere we can never go and to something we haven’t got the skills to do.  To be humble – the ability to have an accurate and true picture of ourselves; to be grateful – the ability to see just how much we have; and, to be faithful – the daily practice of turning these into small steps of thinking, relating, and behaving is what makes things happen:

‘When you come into the rhythm of your nature, things happen of themselves.’**

My friend Jo and I were chatting just today about how important saying yes to people is, providing permission to do what they want to do with all their heart – which is really about encouraging them to give themselves permission.  She’s a great example of a crossroads person.  Jo has recently made a crossroads of necessity for herself and lives her life making crossroads available to others.

Each of us is more than capable.

(*From Alex McManus’s Makers of Fire.)
(**From John O’Donohue’s Eternal Echoes.)

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