the possibility of things

29 here's to all those

Gift 4.0.

Once upon a time, there were only a few who were seen as gifted and blessed ones – and everyone else was subject to them: Gift 1.0.

Then some people began to use the burgeoning free-market economy fuelled by travel, later industry, and finally technology – so the number of gifted and blessed grew, though everyone else still made up the masses: Gift 2.0.

Philanthropists and grant-making bodies and sports and media events then made it possible for many unknowns to be seen and heard – but still not everyone was seen as gifted and blessed: Gift 3.0.

But everyone is able to do something uniquely and wonderfully.  The question is, how can everyone take the one an only opportunity they have to express and contribute their gift?

As I pondered and reflected, I placed my feet on the floor, on the earth – representing the reality of things, but I raised my head up, to the heavens – the possibility of things: Gift 4.0.

“Wild ones
who have not been turned to stone
by the far-reaching grasp of the empire
and its programme of consumer sedation,
the killing of imagination.
Where, my friends,
have the wild ones gone?”*

‘Stuck is a state of mind and it’s curable.’**

Gift 4.0 isn’t impossible, it’s just hard because real life is not easy.

(*Joel McCerrow, quoted in The Northumbria Community’s Morning Prayer, 29 December 2015.)
(**From Seth Godin’s Whatcha Gonna Do With That Duck?)

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