natural faith

4 faith only works

I wonder whether faith is a natural Human state?

What is it that makes us set out towards the new, the unknown, the other?

So, I’m curious about how faith helps us to connect, beyond being with someone or something, to being in relationship.

Faith takes us into the borderlands, the places between people, between things, and between people and things.

‘A movement into a borderland is different.  It is an extension of one’s homeland, not a separation from it.’*

For you and me, as a place of faith, the borderland is not somewhere beyond me or beyond you, but is an extension of who you and I am, a place of presence rather than absence.

There are contexts and spaces which help me to be more aware of this.  Usually though, I forget, oblivious to my personal border controls, my unwillingness to explore beyond, displaying a lack of faith.

We each have our own way of meeting others.  I get overwhelmed with large numbers, others are in their natural element in a crowd.  For me, to see the individual helps me to see everyone.  This is part of my natural faith.

Whoever we are, we’re naturally creatures of faith, something which takes us across the borders and thresholds and boundaries, into the worlds of others and into the future.

(*From Brené Brown’s Daring Greatly.)


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