28 such a fast universe

What do I want?

How do I know what I want?

Apple gave a generous gift with the iPhone 6 – an entire U2 album.  The problem was this was not how the gift was received.  Many purchasers of the phone thought the gift to be an intrusion.  Apple had then to provide a way for owners of new phones to remove the album.

I’m exploring using my city library as a creative space and borrowed Paulo Coelho’s Aleph. The following extract caught my attention.  I wavered for a split second over whether to use the faintest of pencil markings as a highlight – as I do in my own books.

I didn’t, though, because this would be an intrusion for those who borrowed the book after me and who will find their own favourite places in it.  Here’s the quote, though, with Coelho speaking to his friend and guide J:

‘”I can’t evolve any further,” I say, falling, as always, into the trap of being the first to speak.  “I think I’ve reached my limit.”

“That’s funny.  I’ve been trying all my life to find out what my limits are and have never reached them yet.  But then my universe doesn’t really help, it keeps expanding and won’t allow me to know entirely,” says J provocatively.’*

What do I want?

How do I know what I want?

What if what I want is less or different to what I really want?

We’re made of the same stuff as J’s expanding universe, the same dynamics of expansion at work within us – involving us in continual exploration.

Maybe the gift I can give, which does not assume or presume, is to ask, If I could help you know what you want, would this be useful to you?

(*From Paulo Coelho’s Aleph.)

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