another day is here

7 yesterday shows

‘When all property is privatised, faith is privatised and all men feel fear at the boundary of the self.’*

Lewis Hyde is tracking the move a loan as gift moves across a boundary into usury and interest.  We’re so used to interest on loans that it’s hard to comprehend that this wasn’t the case for the majority of people within tribes, communities, and societies until around five hundred years ago.

‘A good thing to know is this road is private for everybody.’**

Ruth Krauss’s children’s book from 1960 has some real gems in it and this is one of them.

7 butterflies

We need to unprivatise our lives.  We need spaces for this to happen in product ways.

Elle Luna writes about the crossroads of should and must.

Should comes from without and must from within.  Should is about living the life others want us to.  Must is about living the life we must in order to make our contribution before we leave this world.  We need more spaces for must-creativity to he encouraged and explored.  Luna’s essay provides a space: ‘It is for anyone thinking of making the jump from Should to Must.  Anyone looking to follow the energy deep within their chest but aren’t quite sure how.’^

I like the idea of a new day being here.  That there are spaces we can walk into and request help to put the most in and get the most out of a new day.

Yesterday, I mentioned an exploration called #libraryofawesome.  Libraries have been around for some time but they remain islands of gift in oceans of commodity to everybody to use ‘as an intuitive space that fosters curiosity and investigation in a variety of delightfully unexpected ways.’^^

The library begins in you and you must bring your library to others.

(*From Lewis Hyde’s The Gift.)
(**FromRuth Krauss and Maurice Sendak’s Open House For Butterflies.)
(^From Elle Luna’s The Crossroads of Should and Must.  I have shared on a number of occasions how my friend Alex McManus believes the future will not come through revolution or evolution but through the people who MUST.  Check out Luna’s short video telling of how this all began for her.)
(^^From Laura Damon-Moore and Erinn Batykefer’s The Artist’s Library.)


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