why we need others

5 i don't want to

Sometimes we need experts.

I want someone who’s really good at flying to pilot the plane I’m on and not to do any experimenting.

More often, though, we need explorers:

“These are people who see a domain but not the path.  The fact that the path is not clearly defined is what excites them and motivates them.”*

Passionate explorers don’t just go this way, they turn around a lot,  realising there’s always more, and they’re always asking questions.

It doesn’t matter what they’re passionate about, these things describe them.  Passionate dreaming allows them to move beyond their present competence making rote obedience look increasingly clumsy and even  foolish.

And explorers know they need others to help them.

There so many people who will respond positively if you say to them, “I want to work out how my life can benefit others: will you help me figure this out?”

My friend Jo reminded me yesterday how we are on a journey from doing things to people, even doing things for people, and we’re discovering there’s something deeper than doing things with people, to doing things together.**

And they are the most worthwhile things in all the world.

(*John Hagel, quoted in Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler’s Bold.)


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