sneaky deep

3 everyone has

A phrase I heard at an event last night from someone facilitating the telling of stories, forming poetry, and moving around the space as in dance, first without and then with music.

So we ended up doing things we didn’t know we could.

This morning I was asked what I do and I told them about the dreamwhispering.  He smiled as he said, sneaking things into people’s dreams while they sleep.

Not quite, it’s really about listening to someone’s dreams while they’re wide awake.

Sneaky deep is a great phrase.

Amazing talents and dreams already lie deep within people.

So we have to figure out together how to sneak them out from behind the resistance of denial or unknowing.

You don’t need anything more than you already have; you only need to go sneaky deep to set these things free.

Your head may tell you that you’re not enough, but deeper, your heart knows better and wants to be listened to.

“I have done what was mine to do, now you must do yours.”**

(*Francis of Assissi, quoted in Richard Rohr’s Eager to Love.)


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