fast gifts

22 now you've got

When you spontaneously respond to the need of another, take note of what you specifically want to give.

This is probably your gift.

Fast gifts are fast because it’s as if you don’t even have to decide to make them.  Usually to those who are close or from your gift seeking opportunities to be given.

And gifts want to create community, taking us beyond those we now to include the stranger:

‘It is when someone’s gift stirs us that we are brought close, and what moves us beyond the gift itself, is the promise (or the fact) of transformation, friendship, or love.’*

I could have written about the playfulness of the gift.  Serious playfulness extending an ecosystem that is the infinite game (the game which includes more for as long as possible – which sounds like community) through each person bringing their unique gift, fast.

(*From Lewis Hyde’s The Gift.)

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