15 turn up

Elegance is flow.

The motion of a generative life, elegance works to remove barriers and obstacles to the possibility of an idea, a gift, a life.

When moving us into generative dialogue with others, elegance does not want to exclude people or win the argument, it doesn’t simply want to help another, but would rather create something with others, finding beautiful words or actions or ideas on the far side of complexity.

‘[E]legant proofs or theories have most or all of the following features: they are simple, ingenious, concise, and pervasive; they often have an unexpected quality, and they are very satisfying.’*

Elegance is not easy.  At its core lies vulnerability: a willingness to try and fail and try again until something works, with all the misunderstanding and pointing this involves.

‘It’s in that space – when we aren’t masking ourselves or trying to make circumstances go away – that our best qualities begin to shine.’**

(*From Rohit Bhargava’s Non-Obvious.)
(**From Pema Chödrön’s Fail Fail Again Fail Better.)


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