makers of gifts

12 you are a maker

‘The gifted artist contains the vitality of his gift within the work, and thereby makes it available to others.’*

Although life is about passing on the gifts others have made, in this universe, everyone is capable of making gifts to fill the emptiness.

These are as unique and diverse as those making them.

‘Honestly, that is the best advice for life: no note cards.’**

Here’s a clue.  What can you talk about or do which you don’t need any notecards for? This is probably your art, your voice in this universe:

‘When air travels to our lungs we are given a voice that defines who we are.’^

What matters to us so much, we would let go in order to let come something more?

(*From Lewis Hyde’s The Gift.)
(**From Pema Chödrön’s Fail Fail Again Fail Better.)
(^From Charlotte Bosseaux’s Dubbing, Film and Performance.)


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