stay inexperienced

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You read it in so many job adverts: Experience required.

What would it mean to turn this around: Inexperience needed?

We get one life in which to explore full aliveness and we have to be willing to stay inexperienced to explore it.

As I get older I discover I know less.

When we see ourselves as experienced our practice isn’t so deep; we have a reputation to preserve.  But when we stay naive, innocent, curious, humble, we keep jumping into things we don’t even know the depth of.

Alex McManus offers: ‘Humans feel more fully alive when they understand their purpose’.*

‘Practice without purpose is only exercise.’**

When purpose is added to our deep exploring and practising, then we have something powerful.

Deathcamp survivor Viktor Frankl suggested we ‘aren’t designed to spend too much time thinking about ourselves, that we are healthier when we’re distracted by a noble cause.’^

What don’t you know yet, and what don’t you know you don’t know?

(*From Alex McManus’s Makers of Fire.)
(**From Twyla Tharp’s The Creative Habit.)
(^From Donald Miller’s Scary Close.)


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