the greatest story

27 because

You are part of possibly the greatest story in the universe.

I don’t mean the Human story – the hubris of our species – we’re recognising the greatest story includes all fauna and flora.

What Humans can see are open doors and move through them.   Each gifting us the possibility of seeing the truth about ourselves and doing something about it.

Not that we’ll ever be perfect or the final article.  We have to give up the notion of needing to be better than we are before we can move.

‘Changing things – pushing the envelope and creating a future that does not exist yet (at the same time you’re criticised by everyone else) -requires bravery.’*

Peter Senge tells a beautiful story out of Uganda, of a project in which female students were encouraged to see themselves as “change agents.”  One example saw students sitting with parents and grandparents to ‘learn about visioning, planning for the future, entrepreneurship, innovation skills, and developing home and farm improvement projects.’**

The result was the future: ninety per cent of the female students’ families reported improvements in sanitation, nutrition, and income.

We do not have to be perfect or complete but everyone can contribute to the greatest story.

(*From Seth Godin’s’ Tribes.)
(**From Peter Senge’s The Necessary Revolution.  There’s a lot more to this story I haven’t space to share here.)

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