oceans of possibility

25 time is not

There is a universe within every person.

We can quickly be overwhelmed.

‘The truth about me is I don’t even want to know the truth about me.’*

Moving through open doors has a way of telling us truth about ourselves.  We get to suspect this is how it works and begin to ignore the open doors.

It’s like I’m an ocean threatening to overwhelm.  I need to find a boat – a story to sail in – and keep it seaworthy; we’re like the Ship of Theseus, completely changed in the process and yet still who we are.

These same oceans are universes of future possibility – especially when we collaborate and innovate together – explorers of the emerging future:

‘If the human subject does not possess the honesty of mind and purpose to see things as they really are (interconnected and full of meaning), creativity is blocked, and the patterns of the present will continue to unfold the future.’**

Think work or politics or even an argument at home developing in the same way they always do.  Then imagine a new way.

We are learning to be skilful in an art: ‘an art to “knowing” the significance of a particular moment of time, the seed from which future events will flow’.**

More open doors.

(*From John Ortberg’s All the Places to Go.)
(**From Jospeh Jaworski’s Source.)

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