3 anniversary gifts

23 the mind and

The 23rd August is Christine’s and my 35th wedding anniversary.

I’ve been pondering wisdom these last few days, so I found myself reflecting on some of the biggest learnings I might share:

To be able to change our minds is a gift: seeing things from a different perspective, or a better perspective, and there is always more to something than meets the eye.

To be able to change our hearts about something is a DNA (life) altering experience – another gift.

And so, to behave and act differently from the heart is generative and regenerative – the most powerful of the gifts.

I’m really happy to say Christine has embraced all of these learnings over the years.


Seriously, these three changes have been gifts to us when we’ve been wise enough to embrace them.

If your universe-paradigm, philosophy, life-story, or god don’t allow these gifts, you’ve identified somewhere to begin.

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