2 an opportunity missed

What if I’d gone through that door when I had the chance?
What if I don’t take this opportunity presenting itself now?
What if it all goes wrong?

Regrets from trying and failing pale in comparison with regrets of never trying and never knowing.

Why not go through the doorway when it offers itself.

Psychoanalyst George Vaillant proffers, “Experiments document that while negative emotions narrow attention … positive emotions, especially joy, make thought patterns far more flexible, creative, integrative, and efficient.”*

It’s never too late to walk through the doorways which present themselves, as Florence Detlor discovered.  Wanting to do something new, Florence decided to join Facebook.  Not so surprising?  When here story got out, seven thousand people wanted to “friend” Florence in a single day.  I ought to let you know, Florence was 101 years young at the time.**

(*Quoted in Ken Robinson’s Finding Your Element.)
(**Florence’s story is told in John Ortberg’s All the Places To Go.  Her Facebook pages are still there to see -vthough Florence clearly didn’t accept all the friend requests – only 3,339.)



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