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12 imagination without prejudice

I love the possibility of everyone being special in some way.

This will sound like a joke or an absurdity to many.  If everyone could be special then no-one is special.  For others it’s a threat, because they are the ones who are special.

This has nothing to do with notoriety or the size of success – the kind of outward expressions we often think about.

It has everything to do with developing your inner world, the capacity to develop your skills and heart and make a unique contribution, becoming a generative being.

Scanning the Human story reinforces our understanding that more people are being provided with the chance to shine, and the future is going to see more of this reaching to more people around the world: Earth 4.0.*

Having no prejudice, imagination is available to all, making the possibility of exponential – or life in all its fullness – living available to all.

(*Using Theory U‘s concept of a society which makes it possible for everyone to participate and collaborate.)

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