i have seen the light

7 let your light shine again

Who are the people who have helped turn the light on for you?

Claudia Altucher suggests naming the people we’d like to meet be and be mentored by: ‘Who are your ten proposed mentors and what is the one question you would ask?’*

There’s so much I don’t know yet, and much more I will never know.  I keep this in mind every day.

Others know the things I don’t know.  If I am open to the light they bring me then my life changes for the better.

I know I can do better than this.

If I thought I was doing well enough, I wouldn’t try harder.  If we think our society is good enough, we won’t try for something better.

If we think we nailed that interaction with someone, we won’t try harder next time we meet.  If we’re content with how we look after employees, we won’t ask questions about how we can make a bigger investment in them.

Beware someone praising your performance: you may stick when you need to twist.

You don’t want dispraise, but someone’s presence is best.  I love being asked a question. I love asking questions.  Let the light in.

(*From Claudia Altucher’s Become an Idea Machine.)


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