good eyes

2 we value

“Our task is to make music with what remains.”*

We must take the chance we have.  The good news is, nothing is static or rigid.

‘The leading edge thinkers in physics … suggest that nature is not a collection of objects in interaction but is a flux of processes.  The whole notion of flux and process is fundamental to the indigenous sciences.’**

You and me, we’re included in this flux and can guide the processes with foresight, intention, and love.

It all begins with good eyes.  To be those who open our eyes to more: more paradigms and world views, more people, more possibilities.  Edgar Schein’s encouragement is, “Observe, observe, observe,”^ so:

Read a book.
Watch a documentary and follow the subject up with googling.
Ask someone to tell you their story.
Ask questions, lots of questions.
Reflect, starting with five minutes a day – writing and doodling.
Learn something new.
Accept the invitation you weren’t going to.
Walk slower.
Listen deeper.
Close your eyes (what can you see with eyes closed?).

Nothing is static.  Amazing things can happen with what remains.

(*Violinist Itzhak Perlman, speaking after performing with only three strings – and getting a standing ovation: quoted in Steve Chalke’s Being Human.)
(**From Joseph Jaworski’s Source.)
(^From Edgar Schein’s Humble Inquiry.)


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