25 adjacent possibilities

Can we imagine and initiate a world in which barriers are overcome: barriers between a person and their future, barriers between different people, barriers between people and the world they live in.

I know there many things which suggest barrierlessness is not possible.

I also know there are many things suggesting this kind of adjacency is within our grasp: adjacent possibilities, adjacent stories, adjacent futures – all possible from where we are right now.

We need more experimentation into adjacency and barrierlessness.  Especially into how can we work together, surrendering and sacrificing to the group, community, or tribe and also bringing our genius.

Twyla Tharp reserves the right for artists to pick a fight, to find a way forward with the questions: ‘”Why do I have to obey the rules?” “Why can’t I be different?” “Why can’t I do it my way?”*

These are really important questions for identifying personal adjacency, but within a community or tribe they need to sound more like: Why do we have to obey the rules?, Why can’t we be different?, Why can’t we do it our way?

And how can we make these questions work for everyone and the planet?

It’s not about passivity but from a place of stillness and restlessness which arises from deep-heartedness.

I love adjacency.  I love how the possibility of people discovering a different way to live their lives, and how they can live differently with others.

(*From Twyla Tharp’s The Creative Habit.)

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