6 life is more

Throneliness is how I control my kingdom, securing and maintaining what I have.  The price I pay is in terms of thwarting the future which wants to emerge.

‘The royal consciousness means to overcome history and therefore by design the future loses its vitality and authority.*

Whilst throneliness may employ the language of imagination and creativity, it is unskilled in the alchemy of futurism.  More aware of what it does not have, rather than what it does, throneliness fails to understand, to possess is to make dead but to let go, through imaginations and creativity, brings into being the vital and new.

To get down from our thrones is to see we “have” far more out there than immediately around us, to get down allows us to connect with people and artefacts and the world in which we live, reminding us we have legs with which to move from here to there and set history free.  We become generators of more.

‘An infinite player does not consume time but generates it.’**

(*FromWalter Brueggemann’s The Prophetic Imagination.)
(**From James Carse’s Finite and Infinite Games.)


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