gentle people

30 blessed are the gentle

What makes people gentle?

They hope to see more, not only beyond themselves, but also within themselves.

They hope to play imaginatively with what they especially notice in and around them – what they are curious about and are passionate in – because they have done more than ‘work within the outlines of their imaginations,’ they have ‘reworked their imaginations.’*

They hope to play with others via what Edgar Schein** calls “Here and now” humility – deferring to each other when the time is right for particular skills to take the lead, and so realise more:

‘You can only have what you have be releasing it to others.’*

Gentle borders.

Peter Senge points to why collaboration is necessary for greater impact when he focuses on the ecological challenges ‘such as water, energy, material waste and toxicity’, going on to quote Randy Overbey: “Collaboration is key for achieving scale.”^

(*From James Carse’s Finite and Infinite Games.)
(**See Edgar Schein’s Humble Inquiry.)
(^From Peter Senge’s The Necessary Revolution.)

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