system and spirit

26 she's got spirit

They sound diametrically opposed, but maybe they’re not.

First of all the negatives:

A system is too rigid and inadvertently provokes a spirit of revolt. 
A creative and imaginative spirit is too carefree and prompts a system clampdown.

Then there are the positives:

A creative spirit can produce a generative system.
A generative system can stimulate an increasingly creative spirit.

Life is full of negative examples: ask a critical question at the wrong time and no new ideas emerge; ask an open question at the wrong time and shipping doesn’t happen.

We daydream but never action our hopes.  Or we feel too ensconced within the system and daren’t upset it.

System and spirit need each other.  Some of us need some shape to lead us from idea to shipping; some of us need more openness to fresh innovative thinking.

Perhaps you’ve found your sweet spot?

(I love this idea and cartoon from Hugh Macleod, which I had in mind when I wanted to bring spirit and system together.)

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