weirdly imaginative

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Weird, as in, weird as the new norm.*

Old normal has been around a long time and will take some getting over, mind you.  It’s remains dominant, meaning the weirdly imaginative are found around the edges, where they share their stories, forming alternative communities around their “edgecraft,” finding their (prophetic) voice.

They know the edge will become the new centre (and then they’ll have to journey to the edges again, but that’s another story).

If we doubt this, or resist entering into it, we may ourselves unconscious producers of “despairing conformity.”

There’s a world of difference between moaning about work and plotting to make work better.

One is accepting of how things are, the other is beginning to embody subversive hope.  The latter types are, in effect, saying, We have one life and we’re not going to miss the opportunity to live it boldly and brightly – which means something different for every person, but weirdly imaginative people know this.

Some may doubt the power of imagination in the face of reality, but what we think is reality is only how certain people are imagining things.

Your turn: imagine weird.

(*See Seth Godin’s We Are All Weird.)

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