eye test

20 london underground

I’ve just had my annual eye test.

My mum left her children and grandchildren with the blessing of cataracts.  Two of my children have already had cataracts removed from both eyes.

I got away with something different: opacities: “firework displays” in each eye, as one optician told me one time.

So, I know I don’t see the world as you do!  Different conditions of light and tiredness are issues to deal with; fortunately, the eye test tells me nothing has changed since last year.

Here are a couple more eye tests which can lead to better vision.

When I think someone else can’t see things clearly, maybe it’s me.

Am I prejudiced about something but unaware?
Do I think I know better than someone else?
Is this really what the “customer” wants, or is it what I want?

Bernadette Jiwa writes about, ‘the ability to see an experience through another person’s eyes’.*  This helps my vision no end.

‘Humble inquiry maximises curiosity and interest in the other person and minimises bias and preconceptions about the other person.  I want to access my ignorance in the least biased and threatening way.’**

As someone pointed out, my problem with seeing may not be the speck in the other person’s eye, it may be the log in mine.^

Here’s an eye test (being more present) for when you’re with others and things aren’t going your way – it only takes a minute or two; no-one needs to be aware of what you’re doing:

Sit comfortably in the room, feet flat on the floor.  
Acknowledge: where you are, what you carry (aches, issues at home, etc.) how you feel (frustrated, wary, annoyed, etc.). 
Become aware of your breathing (it’s a gift): not only gathering the air you need, but also your humility and talents, gratitude and curiosity, hopes and caring.
Expand your awareness: into the space, the conversation, the people, bringing what you have reconnected with in yourself.^^

(*From Bernadette Jiwa’s Difference, as she reflects on the practice of IDEO.)
(**From Edgar Schein’s Humble Inquiry.)
(^It was Jesus of Nazerath who told his disciples this.)
(^^Adapted from Mindfullness from Mindfullybeing.)

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