the yes campaign

18 flourish


In 2051 I will be 92 years old.

It’s also the year Martin Seligman hopes 51% of the world’s population will be flourishing – more people will be flourishing than won’t be.

1451: Florence has taken to heart the counsel of Cosimo the Elder, ignoring the militarios, who wanted to use the state’s new-found wealth to conquer, Florence ‘invested its surplus in beauty.’*

The Renaissance began.

Here’s one definition of flourishing: having high positive emotion, engagement, and meaning, plus any three from the following list:

Positive relationships.

You don’t have to have them all to flourish, you do have to have some.

I seriously question whether I’ll get to be 92 years of age, but I can determine to use every day I get to invest my surplus in beauty.

Our ultimate infinite game, measured by how many people we have participating, taking part for a lifetime, bringing their unique creativity and boldness.**

‘We can all say “yes” to more positive emotion.
We can all say “yes” to more engagement.
We can all say “yes” to better relationships.
We can all say “yes” to more meaning in life.
We can all say “yes” to more positive accomplishment.
We can all say “yes” to more well-being.’*

(*From Martin Seligman’s Flourish.)
(**I add creativity and boldness from something Mailchimp’s Lain Shakespeare offers – quoted in Bernadette Jiwa’s Difference: “When return on investment is measured by delight instead of sales or conversions, there is a lot more freedom to be creative, to be bold, or maybe even to be creative and bold.”)


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