any questions?

the future 300

You’re at the end of the interview, briefing, seminar, and you’re offered the opportunity to ask your questions.

Do you?  Maybe one or two basic questions?  Someone else throws in their usual explosive-missile question.

Perhaps you don’t ask questions because you know the person, the context, the time, or the culture, and you know, there are only a limited kind of question you can ask.  And people who ask lots of questions are (not divergent questioners but) troublemakers, right?

I’m the worst of offenders – both ways: not leaving enough time for questions and not asking any when offered the opportunity.  So, now I’m on a quest: to create environments where we can learn to ask more questions together.

We unlearnt how to ask questions at an early age and we can learn the art of questioning again.

Questions allow people to cross thresholds.  When we do this, we become guides to others – dreamwhisperers, whose art is to ask questions and listen and ask more questions.  We each form these questions deep within us, where dreams and passions and needs and desires and gladness and imagination converge.  Each, then, brings a different kind of question, because they come from a unique place.  Our questions can make it possible to move towards the future through anticipating, reflecting, imagining, synchronising, designing, and creating.*

We’ve arrived in a time when questioning is being democratised.  It’s no longer the province of the rich or powerful or privileged or educated or cool or celebrity.  We don’t have to know the answer to ask a question, opening up questioning to everyone: how brilliant is that?

The paradoxical thing about asking lots of questions towards better questions is we get smarter together, rather than airing our ignorance – which is our fear.

What do you think?

How about saying that again as a question?

(*These are six reasons for thinking about the future.)



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