what will i live to see?

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As Humans dream of leaving the shores of our world to find new worlds, across oceans of space, I wonder what I’ll see with my remaining years.

Things like this happen in the world about me.  I have no say or control over them and I watch and wonder.

But there are the things I can begin and watch grow, which depend on what I am willing to believe.

Whilst I will not venture to Mars and beyond, I do not have to wait for the future to come to me.  As a maker and hacker – we all are makers and hackers – I can shape a future.

This is not delusional on my part.  Each of us has more to be creative with and to give than we know.  If we believe this we will see it.

Edward Deci points out how people act if they believe their environment to be supportive of their autonomy:

‘They can elect from the social context more and more support for their autonomy.  Their personality and social context are synergistic, and together they affect people’s experiences and actions.’*

What we believe alters what we see.  Only when we begin to give and make can we  know all of what we have to use.

What will I live to see?

If I bring my dreams and skills and experience of the world and people together, and make something with all of this, there’ll be many things I will live to see.

This is the truth for each one of us.

(*From Edward Deci’s Why We Do What We Do.’

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