facing the dragons

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Courage is not the absence of fear but the absence of self.

It’s also about focusing on what it is you must do and not thinking you have to perform some courageous act.

And it’s about taking your turn because, if you have a pulse, apparently it is your turn right now.

The first question, then, is what must you do?

The second question is, What will you dare to do with what you care about?

This is your story and now is the time for your story to be lived, whether you pick up your pay-cheque for doing it or go to work so you can do it with the rest of your time.

Of course, the ideas which come with what you must do may not work, or not work as you imagine. Things rarely do.  These are the futures you enter: one which may work and which may not, and you won’t know until you act.  For this you will need courage.

What if truth is not what you know, including what you know about yourself; what if truth is what you discover when you face the dragons: truth which only appears through action?

‘You don’t need a permit or a blessing or any sort of permission to take your turn.  You only have to open your eyes and look.  And then choose.’*

(*From Seth Godin’s It’s Your Turn.)


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