does it matter?

what do you mean

‘When we believe in the obstacle more than in the goal, which will inevitably triumph?’*

What really matters to you?

I’ve just read this description of Warby Parker‘s co-founder: ‘Neil Blumenthal loves helping people see.’**

I love this.

(Especially because it resonates with how I want to help people see their purpose and dreams.)

Amy Poehler suggests, “Everybody is interesting when they are interested in something.’**

I take this to mean, when we make our lives to be centred on some thing or some need or someone else, rather than ourselves, then they get really interesting.

Which brings us back to the obstacle in our way, which, when looked at through the lens of what we are interested in and passionate about, becomes the creative possibility for something new.

Be the change.

(*From Ryan Holiday’s The Obstacle is the Way.)
(**From 99U’s Make Your Mark.)


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