16 youcan't hurry

A word I like the sound of.  It feels like being at home, at ease, comfortable.

I’m imagining repose in this way:

The life your life is telling you you’ve got to live, cannot be put on like a layer of clothing.  It must be grown from your interior until it reposes as DNA in every cell of who you are.

Know-how is no substitute, the knowledge offered by self-help books and programmes.  Perhaps these help you to get started, maybe they offer things you can absorb and make a part of you, but the truth of who we are and what we have has its own natural curiosity.

Life then becomes way more squiggly, Mitch Joel pointing ou, in his experience: ‘The most successful and interesting entrepreneurs and business people don’t have a very linear career path.  In fact, it’s very squiggly. Always bear that in mind.  Embrace the squiggle.’*

I think this is wisdom for us all.

Life at it’s best is squiggly, because everything we want to see hides something else we want to see.  We then must ask more questions because living with our natural curiosity means there’s always another question: a more beautiful question.**  I’ve mentioned before how Humans swap the important question for an easier one, such as, What is my life saying I must do? is exchanged for “What tips can you give me so I can make a quicker choice?

16 there's always

‘On the big questions of finding meaning, fulfilment, and happiness, we’re deluged with answers – in the form of off-the-shelf advice, tips, strategies from experts and gurus.  It shouldn’t be any wonder if those generic solutions don’t quite fit.’**

Chip and Dan Heath highlight the need for natural growth of what it is we must do with our lives: ‘in almost all successful change efforts, the sequence of change is not ANALYSE – THINK – CHANGE, but rather SEE – FEEL – CHANGE.’^

‘Art isn’t a result, it’s a journey’^^ with a squiggle in it.

(*From Mitch Joel’s Ctrl Alt Dlt.)
(**From Warren Berger’s A More Beautiful Question.  One I spotted the title of this book, I knew I had to read it.)
(^From Dan and Chip Heath’s Switch.  This insight aligns with Otto Scharmer’s Theory U, which states we must open our minds, then our hearts, and then our wills.)
(^^From Seth Godin’s The Icarus Deception.)


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