just a little beauty

24 add beauty

How many people are coming?

How big will it be?

How much money will be made?

The contributor of beauty knows, whilst these sometimes are important questions, they struggle to measure just a little more beauty being brought into being.

She finds herself walking in the small way, which enables her to see and honour the little-beautiful things people are often making and offering.

She is increasingly grateful for the hundreds of little-beautifuls she finds around her every day: the things people cannot not do.

They all add up to something amazing.  Being grateful for them and connecting them up in an idea or an event or a relationship, allows something amazing to happen.

24 add beauty colour 2

To bring a little more beauty into the world can be scary, but I remember a conversation with my friend Dan last year: he said, we have to keep doing the scary stuff, else we’ll continue to do the same stuff and it won’t be very good.

Beauty happens when we allow our past and emerging future to meet.  Otto Scharmer names these: social time sculptures.  One of these is taking place on Friday – something the guys I’m working with find scary, but we cannot not do it.  And whilst there’ll be those questions about how many, how much, how big, the important one for us will be, have produced a little more beauty?*

‘I have found that the most difficult and most rewarding challenge of my work is how to be both a mapmaker and traveller.’**

(*If you’re in Edinburgh on Friday, please feel yourself invited to make a little more beauty.)
(**From Brené Brown’s Daring Greatly.)
(Cartoon: You’re welcome to print off and colour in the cartoon today; I’ll upload my completed version within the blog when completed.)

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