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Yesterday, Rosetta Probe’s lander made it to the comet it had set out to intercept ten years ago, the result of a dream from thirty years ago!  In a violent world, it struck me this was a story of Human hopefulness, asking deep questions about the universe and our world.

I find myself wondering just how much goodness has yet to be released into the world, from lives unaware of just what they can bring to others.

There are as many ways to contribute as there are people, each life uniquely capable of crafting goodness.  And the kickback is a dopamine high which takes us by surprise, or, as Richard Rohr describes it: ‘the most egalitarian worldview of all, the broadest and biggest viewpoint possible, the harmony of goodness itself – and where goodness is its own inherent reward – which is always beautiful in people’.*

I am daily encouraged to try things: “Fail often to succeed sooner”** counsels IDEO’s David Kelley.  These are not character failures but failures in goodness.

Here are three steps towards this proffered by Joseph Jaworski:^

We must wake up with it: find some way of reflecting before anything else in the morning.^^

Create ways of staying connected with our deep intention throughout the day – habits and activities, even mantras.

Sense and seize opportunities when they offer themselves – the first two steps make the third more likely.⁺

Otto Scharmer names this, “Version 0.8.”

It doesn’t have to be complete or perfect.  We all get to go play with goodness.

(*From Richard Rohr’s Eager to Love.)
(**Quoted by Otto Scharmer in Theory U.)
(^From a conversation with Otto Scharmer in Theory U.)
(^^Julia Cameron suggests three morning pages in The Artist’s Way – connecting with what we each must do.)
(⁺Nassim Taleb would counsel taking those opportunities which have more “up” than “down” in terms of consequences – the wisdom of an antifragilista.)
(⁺⁺If you’re in Edinburgh on the 28th November 2014, why not come and play with us at VOXedinburgh’s KATHAA HAALNU?)
(Cartoon: I someone again tonight whose new charity was helped to set up by Good For Nothing: people coning together to help people just for the fun of it.)

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