in-between people

21 between this and that

In-between people avoid self-reinforcing arguments.

They search for better ways of relating to what they find around them – describing their exploring and discovering in words and pictures and metaphors and theories and paradigms, yet knowing how all of these are limited: knowing the something they describe is always something else.

In-between people suspect the best way to explore and experience their world and universe is playfully.

In their infinite game everyone has something to bring and should be allowed to play; they never recover from having the opportunity to participate in the greatest of Human adventures; and daily play with as many as possible for as long as possible.

Their experience is, when they give more to the game they get more from the game, but, when they hold back, they receive less.

The infinite gamer finds continents for exploration between finite gamers and games:* positions taken by at least two people, parties, or nations.

These in-between people try to see things which do not exist yet or are invisible, knowing imagination is our best path into the future.

And all the time, they know they must not be blind to where their questioning, imagining, or leading comes from, finding themselves wrestling to be more present to and mindful of who they are.  There is a great seriousness to their play.

Each new day, though, brings a new opportunity to play.

(*Finite games exclude, have a certain lifespan, and have to be played by the rules.)

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