a city of dreams

16 cities of dreamers

A group of butterflies is called a kaleidoscope.

Flamingoes group together as a flamboyant.

Owls are a parliament.

Rhinos are a crash.

A group of dreamers are a city.

Single dreamers and their dreams can be picked off.  Dreamers need to work together

“Daydreamer.”  “Get your head out of the clouds.”  “Show me a dreamer and I’ll show you someone who is no earthly use.”

A number of things happen when dreamers come together:

They know the smallest city comprises two people.
No exploration is off-limits.
There’s no such thing as a dumb question.
The first answer is not good enough – neither is the sixth or the sixteenth.
Cities are personally transformative spaces.
Everyone has something someone else needs.
Dreamers want to hear what other dreamers are thinking about – they’re like good vampires in this way.
This mixing of different people’s dreams mean more and more dreams are born.
Dreamers encourage one another to ruthlessly pursue and test out their dreams; they will not allow each other to have an idea and do nothing with it – it’s important to make it fail fast so it can become stronger.*
Dreamers are constantly making their environments more orgathetic,** so dreams are fed from many sources.**
They know the world needs to become more imaginative, so the city is never thought of as a sanctuary but rather a launchpad; dreamers are dangerous people.
They know the city is a library and a university too.  Everything they need comes through the people who inhabit it.
Their conversations are full of playful purpose, and to the observer it appears grossly wasteful because so may ideas are produced and shed.
Many of the dreamers become anam cara – soul friends.
They know they belong here – a different response to one they usually encounter.
They do not believe anyone to be beyond imagination.
Their conversations move ideas from System 1 to System 2 thinking^ – slower, more observant and deeply reflective – and they know in writing or journaling when they’re on their own proffers something similar as a tool to use.

“People continually had their perspective
expanded by everyone’s else’s.  And
invariably people would say, ‘There’s
more to this than I thought.'”^

(*The dreamer is also becoming stronger.)
(**Orgathetic is a term my friend Alex McManus coined to describe future life which is organic and technology, the synthetic – I use it here to include environments and societies.)
(From Peter Senge’s The Necessary Revolution: an example of people who wouldn’t think of themselves as dreamers discovering cities can come together anywhere with anyone.)
(These are Daniel Kahneman’s terms for the different kinds of thinking we involve ourselves in: intuitive and reflective.)


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