h is for babit

12 henri was determined

Everyone has the same number of minutes to live through each day – those who seem to have more time are those who use more or better habits.

Minutes are “flat”: not able to hold an activity, a thought, an idea, a feeling until we mould so they can hold significant things.

This moulding activity is what we call shaping a habit: habits of working, of meeting, of training, of sleeping, to name a few.

Habits make it possible for us to find valuable and significant things in unlikely places, missed by others.

When Nassim Taleb talks about flâneurs and tinkerers being those who uncover options in our world, he’s not describing habit-less living, rather, the opposite.  These are people who’ve developed an art of seeing what others do not, and ruthlessly questioning what they see.

The flâneur knows she must not rush into everything a day requires of her: to wash, to eat, to work, to eat, to work, to eat, to collapse, but must mould habits of watchfulness and reflection – to see herself, others, her world differently.

‘When engaging in tinkering you incur
a lot of small losses, then once in a while
you find something rather significant.’*

There are many more moments in and around the things which fill our days: flat moments to be moulded and filled with significant things.

(*From Nassim Taleb’s Antifragile.)


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