grace is yellow

20 everyday, opportunities …

Recap: Yellow is the colour of the world in which Albert Espinosa finds himself thriving, despite the most difficult of circumstances:

‘The yellow world is the name
I’ve given to a way of
living, of
seeing life, of nourishing yourself
with the
lessons that you learn
from good moments as well as

bad one.  The yellow world is
made out of discoveries,

above all, yellow discoveries,
which are those that

give it its name.’*

Today’s discovery?  Don’t be afraid to accept the person you have become as a result of making good and bad decisions.

This is who I am.  I’m here, not there.  

And this means I have a place to begin again.

Grace is yellow because it makes it possible for us to embrace and inhabit this life of good and bad decisions without them destroying us, and to start over again and again and again.

What destroys is denying, blaming, regretting.

Grace allows us to find aliveness, to thrive, and to bring these to others.**

Now to your future – it’s always on my mind.

Your future is coming towards you at a pace unimaginable to previous generations, yet, when you inhabit and embrace the person you have become you with grace,^ finding yourself learning and growing – or as Espinosa says, been nourished with these lessons – you find yourself in a place of being able to see more.

Alex McManus likens change to a river, and in the 21st century we’ve hit the whitewater.  Whitewater rafters scout ahead, looking for signals of what lies ahead.

Scouts are leaders through the whitewater experiences of change.  Grace makes it possible for you to accept who you have become and to lead.

‘Every day we get the opportunity
to give others the
benefit of the doubt.  
Every day we get the opportunity

to give others our support, our confidence
and our
trust.  And yet most days we hesitate.’**

(*Albert Espinosa lost a leg, a lung, and part of his liver as part of cancer treatment between the ages of fourteen and twenty four.
(**Check out Seth Godin’s lovely little ebook Graceful.)
(^We can be more grace-full with others than we are with ourselves.)

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