quantum adjacent possibilities


Because life isn’t linear.

In a quantum universe, an atom can give out or absorb a quantum of energy and disappear from one place and reappear in another, without travelling in-between. And yet all this randomness works.

Adjacent possibilities (the emerging futures) come from being open to many sources and influences.

The journey* we’re exploring – towards our future Self and the art we long to contribute in the world – suggests linearity – and it can be a way to follow – but it also allows for creative engagement with the randomness which lies beneath the surface. One moment we can be identifying the things we love to do most and the next, an opportunity opens up to work with others and deliver it. Then again, we can be delivering our art in a sustainable way, but an idea apparates before us and we are plunged into a more reflective state.

It’s not that some can do this and others can’t. We’re all far more capable than we think as we move deeper into an age of unprecedented permission. This permission allows us to look in directions we hadn’t imagined before, or mixing ingredients we once thought shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence. We take from technology, environment, society, and the arts, mix it up and see what happens.** When we mix we are bringing together convergent adjacencies, out of which appears the new possibility.

Creativity and generosity are quantum-like in as much as they can appear here one moment and there in another.

Some won’t welcome this brave new world, and that’s okay. I just wanted to let you know it’s here and each of us has a unique way of engaging.

(*For one example, see the series of eight posts beginning here.)
(**TESA is an acronym for these four fields of knowledge and experience used for exploration of the future by a community I belong to.)

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