this is not about you

just do that beautiful thing you do ...

It is and it isn’t.

You and me, we’re on a mission.

We know, when we produce our art, we want it to benefit someone, to contribute somewhere, to ask the vital question, or bring the solution to the problem, to inspire, to introduce goodness and beauty in some way, to listen, to serve, to care.

And if, through that thing you do, you can inspire someone to believe in and identify and explore their art, then the world has become richer, more beautiful, more hopeful.*

In these ways, this is not about you.

This is our mission.

But it is about you.

When you produce your art, you’re also working on a self-portrait; realising there’s a growing sense of satisfaction and fulfilment in your life, nothing is wasted and everything becomes more poignant – from the shadows to the bright lights.  Everything we make reveals something about who we are and who we’re becoming.

This is the classic hero tale found in myths and legends.  It’s found in these places because people have noticed this is the Human mission.

(*One of my favourite films is Pay it Forward – I wish I could remember who I lent it to, but perhaps this film, more than any other, doesn’t come back.)


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