are you scared?

art becomes a craft ...

I am.  Frequently.

To dream about something is one thing, something warm and makes you feel, oh-s0-good, like eating chocolates guaranteed to be calorie-free.  We might feel that to dream when we were once unable to is an achievement in and of itself, and, in one way, it is – but only as discovering you can take a flight to your dream destination from your local airport.  It makes your trip so much more possible but doesn’t mean you’re going to take it.

Fear arrives when the thing which matters to us and that we love becomes a possibility.  In our dreams, we imagine ourselves completing our art, but in reality, following the initial excitement, there’s the overwhelming complexity we face, the loss of confidence we encounter, the multiple trials and failures before something comes together, the sheer hard work of what is necessary for this.*

The completion of our art calls for us to do the detailed stuff.  I might describe myself to others as a big-picture person, rather than a details person, and this is usually true, until it comes to my art, and then I am a detail person.  When you think about it, whatever your art is, you’ll find great detail and complexity there.  The detail is your language and your story.  And with the detail comes fear.

‘The counterfeit innovator is wildly self-confident.  The real one is scared to death.


(*It’s not about the 10,000 hours of deliberate practice alone, but practicing the stuff you love, which produces your genius work – the art which is remarkable and transformative.)

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