life in inner space

exploring inner space

As opposed to life in outer space.

Contact, starring Jodie Foster is about life in outer space.  Her character as a child asks her father “Dad, do you there’s people on other planets?”  He replies, “I don’t know, Sparks.  But I guess I’d say, if it is just us … seems like an awful waste of space.”

Is there life out there?

Humans are fascinated by the possibility of intelligent life being found somewhere in outer space and what kind of life it will be – just look at the movie industry (Contact is sitting amongst my favourite films too).

Whilst this great quest continues, there’s one greater that touches everyone’s life.  This odyssey is not into outer space but into inner space in search of the vibrancy of life to be found in every Human.

The most complex thing we know of in the universe is the Human brain, with its intriguing desire to create the future as it opens to the world and to others and the future Self.

Every day, we get up to the possibility of this quest, of engaging with expansive creativity to do what we love and love what we do: your path with a heart.

Do you know if you have found the path?  Here’s a question to help, from Mitch Joel: ‘So who do you think the future belongs to?  Those who can’t wait for Monday or those who are dreading it?’

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