do it, do it again

Follow your journey ...

I read this and I thought of you.

I found myself in a conversation recently about giving customers what they want – rather than letting them try out new things.  The thing is, customers don’t know what they want.

Nobody knew they wanted a steam engine before George Stephenson created his Rocket.  They were happy transporting goods in trucks pulled by horses and people in painful carriages.

Nobody knew they wanted a vacuum cleaner before Hubert Cecil Booth turned up with one.

Nobody knew they wanted to organise their worlds so much with a personal computer until … well, I’ll let you decide which of a cadre of visionaries saw, and wanted, the possibility – Steve Jobs is in there very early.

And no one knows they want the amazing thing you have to offer until you bring it.

So don’t wait for people to ask for your genius, just bring it – whenever you can and wherever you can.

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