add castors

wheels ...

Do you read blogs which reinforce what you believe and do?

Or do you read blogs which are inspiring?

Maybe you read posts which encourage you to move?  Change your mind?  Read a book?  Join an action group?  Start something?  Deliver something?

I think most people want to do something meaningful for others with their lives.  Some wait for opportunities to come to them – some call it luck, others fortune.

Others know stuff the rest of us don’t appear to.  That is, to put in effort changes the game.  They realise with hard work and lots of practice, more “luck” or “fortune” or “opportunities” turn up.

And there’s another benefit.  If you wait for a break to come your way, the chances are you won’t recognise it or be able to grab it.   For those who work for the opportunities, there’s been loads of stuff which hasn’t worked – but they get better at seeing the opportunities – and, in the last year, though lots of things have failed, there’s been plenty that has worked – which means they’ve grabbed the opportunities.

I’d made myself a note to write a post about castors, after reading about‘s practice of attaching castors to all their furniture, making it possible for them to move everything in their creative spaces (I read this in Make Space – a book I’m enjoying much).

It got me thinking about what would happen if we could add castors to our lives, making everything movable – the things we know, how we do things, where we go.

What would these castors be?  Reading something new (or old, sometimes, as Nassim Taleb encourages us), watching TED videos, getting together with others in conversations with purpose (check out the local Meetup possibilities), even getting up a little earlier in the day to get more done – all these and more are ways of adding wheels to our lives.

What do you think?

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