Just a doodle 35

When someone combines generosity, insight and bravery to provide something before know that’s what we need, we are particularly grateful.*
Seth Godin

What could be better than humour and compassion and the savour of life?  What could be better than that man’s work should become the world’s freedom, and man’s enjoyment the world’s perfecting.**
M. C. Richards

*Seth Godin’s blog: Not what we asked form but just what we needed;
**M. C. Richards’ Centering.

Just a doodle 28

It’s a thing that worries me sometimes whenever you talk about creativity, because it can have this kind of feel that it’s just nice, you know, or it’s warm or it’s something pleasant. It’s not. It’s vital. It’s the way we heal each other.*
Ethan Hawke

The world needs your pictures.

*Quoted in Sam Radford‘s blog: The way we heal each other.